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Angels collection with 39 products
Angels 39 products 1 Like  
Derby collection with 10 products
Derby 10 products    
The Baby Shop collection with 24 products
The Baby Shop 24 products    
The Wedding Shop collection with 28 products
The Wedding Shop 28 products    
Infinity collection with 7 products
Infinity 7 products    
Casablanca collection with 12 products
Casablanca 12 products    
Classic collection with 13 products
Classic 13 products    
Corsica collection with 3 products
Corsica 3 products    
Latitudes collection with 11 products
Latitudes 11 products    
Masthead collection with 15 products
Masthead 15 products    
Tides collection with 4 products
Tides 4 products    
Voyages collection with 7 products
Voyages 7 products    
Petals collection with 1 products
Petals 1 product    
Wedding collection with 22 products
Wedding 22 products    
Pewter Julep Cup collection with 38 products
Pewter Julep Cup 38 products    
Bar collection with 31 products
Bar 31 products    
Classic Serving collection with 31 products
Classic Serving 31 products    
Office collection with 14 products
Office 14 products    
Pewter Frames collection with 11 products
Pewter Frames 11 products    
Trophies collection with 13 products
Trophies 13 products    
Flower of the Month collection with 60 products
Flower of the Month 60 products Best Seller 3 Likes  
Gift collection with 109 products
Gift 109 products    
Glassware collection with 21 products
Glassware 21 products    
Sterling Frames collection with 6 products
Sterling Frames 6 products    
Sterling Hollowware collection with 12 products
Sterling Hollowware 12 products    
Pewter Baby collection with 58 products
Pewter Baby 58 products    
Sterling Baby collection with 30 products
Sterling Baby 30 products    
General Products
$58.00 Maryland Cup
Maryland Cup $58.00 ($US)
Masthead Bowl $117.50 ($US)
$101.00 Masthead Tray 15"
Masthead Tray 15" $101.00 ($US) 3 Likes

Salisbury Fine Metal Artisans is a family owned company of proud and dedicated artisans who recognize the importance of preserving our heritage while creating new and exciting products that are sure to become tomorrow’s treasured heirlooms.

Salisbury’s products are produced to the highest quality standards. Our various collections have been ...... Read More