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Canteens For Flatware collection with 2 products
Canteens For Flatware
2 products
Gold Accent Flatware collection with 2 products
Gold Accent Flatware 2 Collections
2 products
Gold Plated Flatware collection with 3 products
Gold Plated Flatware 3 Collections
3 products
Hollowware & Giftware collection with 30 products
Hollowware & Giftware 7 Collections
30 products
Side  collection with 10 products
10 products
Silver Plated Flatware collection with 104 products
Silver Plated Flatware 9 Collections
104 products
Stainless Steel Flatware collection with 251 products
Stainless Steel Flatware 23 Collections
251 products
Steak Knives collection with 6 products
Steak Knives 3 Collections
6 products

The Couzon company was founded in 1934 by Mr Jean Couzon. After having started producing stainless steel flatware and holloware in 1946, the company quickly delvelopped into one of France's undisputed market leaders. The trading brand ' Jean Couzon Orfevre' , adopted in 1971, was soon recognised on the market thanks to clever advertising - and,

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