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About Lafco
LAFCO (Luxury Articles and Fragrance Company) was created in 1992 by founder and nose, Jon Bresler, and his passion for the European tradition of botanical-based fragrances and formulations. Beginning with the most basic element of body care: soap, Jon found the incredible Ach Brito factory in Portugal and partnered with them to create a new line called Claus Porto. Consisting at the time of five classic fragrances (most of which are still best sellers today), the old-fashioned bars with their brightly colored packaging caused a sensation by selling in the retail worlds of fashion, lifestyle, apothecary and tabletop all at the same time. The trend of the oversized soap bar was born.

LAFCO's mission is to elevate everyday moments into lavish sensory experiences. From their landmark House & Home® collection of blown glass candles to uniquely formulated odor eliminating room mists and smart diffusers, each product combines evocative fragrance with artful design to create a complete ambiance and mood.  Superior quality, sustainability, artistry, and craftsmanship are evident in every exquisitely packaged product.  

Today, quality, craftsmanship, and conscience remain the essential ingredients of LAFCO's luxury fragranced products.  All LAFCO products are vegan, gluten and cruelty-free, and contain no phthalates or parabens.
We offer the full Lafco product catalog via Shop Local