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About Bodum
BODUM® - visionary innovation for more than 60 years

“Good design doesn’t have to be expensive” – Peter Bodum.

BODUM®, a family owned company, was founded in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Peter Bodum. The founder succeeded in positioning BODUM® internationally already in the 1960’s owing to his unique concept: development of products, which consistently pay tribute to functionality, quality and affordability.

At BODUM®’s early stage, the founder recognized the importance of industrial design and this visionary approach laid the groundwork for what BODUM® stands for today.

Incorporating the principle that form follows functionality, Peter Bodum designed the vacuum coffee maker Santos. Santos was internationally acclaimed for its unique design and in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s it became one of the most important coffee makers worldwide.

In 1974, the 26-year-old Jørgen Bodum, the founder’s son, took over the BODUM® Company with the ambition of respecting BODUM®’s traditions and creative work with visionary ideas.

Already in 1974, Jørgen Bodum manifested the company’s philosophy of design with the launch of BODUM®’s first coffee press – Bistro.

Bistro – The French Coffee Press has been selected as the most environment friendly coffee maker by the international media and has been highly awarded by the most prestigious international and Danish design awards.

Four years later, the new CEO Jørgen Bodum, moved the company to Switzerland to strategically locate BODUM® in central Europe.

BODUM® then began to open stores and shop in shops in cities all over the world: Paris, Copenhagen, Zurich, Lucerne, Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Okinawa, Auckland and many more.

In 1980, Jørgen Bodum established BODUM®’s design unit, PI-Design. With an in-house team of designers, engineers, graphic designers, and architects, BODUM® has been developing their own product design ever since - paying homage to BODUM®’s tradition of functionality and quality but with a focus on innovation.

In 1986, the opening of BODUM®’s first shop in London marked another milestone in BODUM® history. This impressive shop was designed, not only to perfectly showcase the large variety of BODUM® products but to embody BODUM®’s growing presence as an international brand.

In 1991, the ASSAM teapot was developed for the British Tea Council. With the ASSAM, BODUM® reinvented tea brewing. BODUM® had applied the same principles from the French coffee press system to tea brewing: a brewing process in a spacious filter easily stoppable by pressing down a plunger.

In 1992, BODUM® entered the field of electrical household products. The IBIS water kettle was the first in a long line of simple as well as highly sophisticated electrical kitchen equipments: juicers, coffee grinders and etc.

Since 1974 BODUM® has produced more than 100 million of French Coffee Presses and 30 million teapots.

BODUM® continues to broaden its collection of beautifully designed everyday life products.

Today BODUM® offers its customers everything from the latest coffee and tea making products to tabletops, kitchen, storage, textiles, home and office products.
Some of BODUM®’s concept stores even include a café, where BODUM®’s own selection of coffees and teas are served.

In 2003, the Swedish Ordning&Reda became a part of BODUM® Group. Ordning&Reda have franchise shops in 15 countries and their shop-in-shops in the BODUM® stores offer a coordinated assortment of stylishly beautiful notebooks, diaries, cards, photo albums, stationery, pens, pencils, boxes, bags, and accessories.

The BODUM® Group is a 100% family-owned business. Today, it is owned by Pia Bodum and Jørgen Bodum, daughter and son of the founder Peter Bodum.

BODUM® is now more than ever focused on the further development of shop-in-shops.

BODUM®’s products are sold in 55 countries; there are 20 BODUM® stores worldwide and many more shop-in-shops.

BODUM® has its holding company and the BODUM® Design Group consisting of PI-Design in Switzerland and its own production company in Portugal. BODUM®’s other offices are based in Hørsholm (Denmark), Tokyo and New York and the sales companies are located in Hong Kong as well as in Shanghai.

From June 2010 BODUM® Scandinavian activities are run from Humlebaek (Denmark), making BODUM® neighbour to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, where BODUM® is Main Sponsor from January 2010.